In today’s world, sports is one of the very few unadulterated sources of entertainment for people. Billions of people across the globe enjoy watching and following one sport or the other. However, for the longest period of time, an average sports fan has been somewhat detached from the game that they love and have been living like a passive fan if they re not attending the games. However, after the advancement of technology, the average sports aficionado is no longer apart from the game and their knowledge is not going to be used on just conversations or debates, all thanks to the rise of fantasy games.

Even though they are fans of a particular team, you will see them root for opposition players who they have selected in their fantasy team to do well and get them as many points as possible. Using the number of online games and apps, sports lovers are always connected and are engaging more and more with the sport that they love. However, the main question is, what the fantasy sports apps are offering that they are getting so much hype? The answer is very simple, everyone wants it, it is power. Every fan in the world can feel the same feeling as a manager and manage his or her team however way they like. They can choose any players they want from any team they want but within the spending limits.

The world of fantasy sport gives the perfect platform to the fans to showcase their knowledge about the game based on statistical analysis and strategy. Fans compete with other fans in a fight to determine who is more knowledgeable and who is more lucky, to say the least. The world of fans is changing and it is changing rapidly.

Traditionally, fantasy games will allow you to pick players from teams that are playing and your teams will be locked in before the match starts. This is exciting but it still lacks that in-game, live and quick thinking from the fans. In order to improve this experience, a lot of games are trying out a new feature where you can substitute your players live when the game is still going and take the players who are not performing well out of your fantasy team. The objective of this is to keep the fans rooted to their seats and follow every single movement of their players and determining if they deserve to be subbed off or not.

This will not only improve and enhance the experience of a fan, but it will also give all the fans a dynamic and a completely unmatched second-screen gaming experience live while the match is still on. Most of the fantasy games have an agreement with third party data providers in order to give the fans in-depth statistical analysis. This will help the fans in order to make more accurate, astute, and potentially rewarding decisions which they will be able to make during a live game.

Another one of the major reasons as to why fantasy sports apps are getting so much hype is the social aspect. If you look at it, at the very core of it, a fantasy game is one of the most social activity there is. This is perfectly summarised by the fantasy sports apps as they allow you to challenge your friends one on one or in groups to see who the most knowledgeable in among yourself.

Even more so, the additional options provided by Fantasy sports app developers such as you can use your power-ups while the game is live, you can keep track of the score of your friends and opponents about how they are going along with their progress, you can make your selected players earn more bonus points which will ultimately push your aggregate score higher than the rest of them.

In conclusion, fantasy sports app games are on the rise and they are going to be on the rise for a long time. This is still a whole new gaming industry which is going to be fighting among themselves in order to secure the most number of fans across the world. They will keep adding more and more features in order to lure the fans to play their games as reported by The Motley Fool, people are going to be more interested in the game if they feel more in control of what is happening. Apparently, all these games are selling is the illusion of control, but as far as the fans are happy being more involved in their favorite sport, who are we to complain?