Video: Francona Gets Ejected; Then Goes Bezerk

Third base umpire Joe West, center, gets between Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona, left, and home plate umpire Angel Hernandez after Hernandez ejected Francona for arguing a balk in the second inning of a baseball game against the Minnesota Twins, Friday, May 6, 2011, in Boston.

During the second inning of Friday night’s 9-2 loss to the Minnesota Twins by the Boston Red Sox, skipper Terry Francona got ejected after Tim Wakefield was called for a step-balk.

When a step-balk is committed, if a manager comes out of the dugout and argues he’s automatically ejected. Francona just wanted an explanation from home plate umpire Angel Hernandez who didn’t offer one. So Francona tried to keep going at Hernandez only to have crew chief Country Joe West intervene.

Tito and West shared a few hand pushes as well as a few chest bumps along the way. Tough to tell in the video who started that part of it.

You be the judge.


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There’s a good chance that Tito will get suspended for the bumping. But it also wouldn’t surprise me if West gets one as well.

Ironically enough, the Twins would score another run on a balk call on Alfredo Aceves.

Photo credit: AP Photo