Boston Red Sox ALCS News & Notes – 10/8

Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays 2008 ALCS

It was a relatively quiet day for the Boston Red Sox yesterday. The only real news to come out of the Fens was the fact that the Red Sox haven’t decided upon their ALCS roster or pitching rotation. The same thing holds true for their division rival and opponent, the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Red Sox will hold a workout at 12 Noon today at Fenway Park before they head to sunny St. Petersburg. There’s a chance we could learn the identities of the 25-man ALCS roster as well as the rotation for the series. Both Steve and I think it will be Josh Beckett in Game 1, Jon Lester in Game 2, Daisuke Matsuzaka in Game 3 and Tim Wakefield or Paul Byrd in Game 4. The starter in Game 4 could go either way but I suspect it could be Wakefield.

Dustin Pedroia picked a good time in the ALDS to break out of his 0-for streak.

After doing battle all season, the Red Sox are a fitting opponent for the Rays.

Despite all the injuries all season long, the Red Sox still have a chance to get back to the World Series.

The Rays are debating on whether to carry an extra position player or pitcher.

The guy the Red Sox traded on July 31st is rooting for his former teammates.

The Rays expect the games in the ALCS to be just like the regular season.

Home field advantage was a huge factor in the regular season series between the two clubs.

The Red Sox young guns played a factor in the ALDS.

The Red Sox were seen partying at Game On after clinching the ALDS on Monday night.

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