Dennard Sentenced in Nebraska

New England Patriots CB Alfonzo Dennard was sentenced on Thursday after being found guilty of assaulting a police officer during an incident in April of 2012.

Judge Stephanie Stacy sentenced Dennard to 24 months of probation, 100 hours of community service that must be law enforcement related and 30 days in jail to be served starting March 1, 2014.

He is allowed to travel between Nebraska and Massachusetts, travel for work purposes (road games) while any other travel would require permission from the court.

Dennard’s defense attorney asked the judge if a motion could be filed later to either suspend or eliminate the jail term if all other terms have been followed prior to March and the judge said she would be open too considering the motion.

Dennard also apologized to the officer, the fans, coaches and his family for the incident. 

The Patriots took a chance in drafting him last season and it looks like it paid off.  He has not been in trouble before this incident or since and he became a valued member of the secondary and is expected to be the starter this season along side Aqib Talib.

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photo credit: getty images