Comcast SportsNet Launches 90-minute Football Block Dedicated to Pats


All-New Quick Slants, Redesigned Patriots Football Weekly and Fan Favorite New England Tailgate Make Up New Night of Pigskin Coverage

BURLINGTON, MA – Football fans rejoice, Comcast SportsNet is debuting New England Football Night, a new night of on-air and online football coverage featuring three distinct shows that cover the Patriots from every conceivable angle.

Beginning Thursday, September 9, at 7 p.m., New England Football Night leads with a brand new Comcast SportsNet original production – Quick Slants – which will give’s Patriots Insider Tom Curran a weekly chance to sound off on the Patriots and interact with fans on the week’s hottest NFL topics.

New England Football Night continues with a totally redesigned Patriots Football Weekly (PFW) that will bring to life the publication’s insider coverage of the three-time Super Bowl Champions. Shot entirely on-location at Gillette Stadium, Comcast SportsNet will make Patriots Football Weekly a highly visual and compelling TV news magazine show that focuses solely on the Patriots’ players and coaches.

Completing the night is the always entertaining and informative New England Tailgate hosted by WEEI talk master Glenn Ordway and featuring two NFL standouts Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie. Each and every week, Smerlas and DeOssie will use their NFL experience to provide an in-depth breakdown on each Patriots win and loss and a detailed preview of the upcoming game.

“We know how passionate Pats fans are about the team, and New England Football Night is dedicated to providing them with the most comprehensive local coverage. New England Football Night will be the region’s premier locally produced block of Patriots content,” said Bill Bridgen, Comcast SportsNet executive vice president and general manager.

Quick Slants
Built as the most interactive program on the network and perhaps the region, Quick Slants will highlight Curran’s experience covering the Patriots and his passion for talking football. Curran will share his insights, spar with fans, and speak each week with Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo. Quick Slants will also feature’s Mary Paoletti, who will incorporate web coverage of the NFL, fan Tweets, and Facebook posts, and text messages into the show. The interaction will allow fans to bring their passion to the show and steer the conversation. The 30-minute Quick Slants will run each Thursday at 7 p.m.

Following Quick Slants’ completion, Curran and Paoletti will interact with fans on throughout PFW and New England Tailgate. During the on-line version of Quick Slants, Patriots fans can chat with Curran and Paoletti and react to PFW and New England Tailgate with Tweets, posts and text messages. Curran will also highlight the best online feedback with live Quick Slants television cut-ins during the remaining hour of New England Football Night.

Fans can interact with Quick Slants by Tweeting @TomECurran, posting comments at, posting Facebook comments on Facebook/CSNNE or texting.

“Quick Slants is the ultimate forum for the armchair quarterbacks of New England and only Comcast SportsNet links the fans directly to the region’s top Patriots writer online and on TV,” said Bridgen.

Patriots Football Weekly
New England Football Night continues with Patriots Football Weekly, which moves from NECN to Comcast SportsNet this season. Comcast SportsNet will elevate the production of PFW by staging the show exclusively at the home of the Patriots – Gillette Stadium.

The 2010 edition of PFW features an all new look to showcase the top stories ripped from the pages of the popular team publication and the contributions of Fred Kirsch, Paul Perillo and Andy Hart. As a weekly publication, PFW is well regarded by Patriots fans for its insider access and comprehensive coverage. Comcast SportsNet will give life to that coverage with a visually compelling half-hour of opinions, access, and stories from inside Gillette Stadium. PFW can be seen each Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

New England Tailgate
It wouldn’t be football season in New England without the return of New England Tailgate, the most entertaining half-hour of Patriots analysis on TV. Comcast SportsNet’s unconventional weekly breakdown on the team features media star Glenn Ordway as the ring master and Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie with entertainment and analysis.

Smerlas and DeOssie are two of the region’s most prominent NFL veterans and for years have been blending humor and expertise to break down the Patriots and the NFL on WEEI and Comcast SportsNet. Each week, Ordway, Smerlas and DeOssie give first rate analysis on the Patriots’ last game, including a look at key plays and key players. The trio then looks ahead to break down the upcoming weekend and make predictions on what will happen with the perennial Super Bowl contenders. New England Tailgate can be seen each Thursday at 8 p.m.

“Patriots Football Weekly and New England Tailgate are the perfect complement to each other. PFW provides behind-the-scenes coverage of the team while Tailgate offers hardcore game analysis,” said Bridgen.