Weist Talks About Change To Boyle At QB For UConn

Yesterday we learned that UConn Huskies interim football coach T.J. Weist was making the change from Chandler Whitmer at true freshman Tim Boyle at quarterback.

UConn Huskies QB Tim BoyleOn Wednesday, Weist put out a statement on his decision to change from Whitmer to Boyle.

"Chandler Whitmer has exhibited outstanding character and integrity since the day I stepped on to this campus and even before I got here.  He has worked extremely hard, put in a lot of hours at his craft, and done everything in his power to help this team be successful.  We all know the QB takes an unfair amount of criticism when a team loses. To Chandler’s credit he has handled the criticism with class and dignity. He has done everything in his power to improve and do the best job possible.  We haven’t always put him in the best position to be successful, having had multiple injuries at the wide receiver and the offensive line positions and to his credit he has not complained.  He’s gone out and battled every game for this team. 

“That being said, we feel like at this time we need to give Tim a chance to play and see if he can provide a spark for our team.  He has been working hard and deserves and opportunity to show what he can do.  Chandler is still a big factor and leader  on this team and we know that he will continue to prepare as if he’s the starter and when his number is called he will be ready to help this team in whatever capacity is needed.  He’s been a great mentor to Tim up to this point and given his integrity and character we know he will continue to do whatever it takes to help Tim and this team be successful.”

Weist will be holding a conference call on Friday and we'll find out how his week has gone and how Boyle has progressed in the first few days. The next chance to talk to Boyle will be Tuesday, that is if Weist makes him available to the media at the weekly press conference.

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