UConn’s Loss To Towson Second Best Financially of FCS Upsets

In the grand scheme of things, the UConn Huskies football team's loss to the Towson Tigers was bad, really really bad.

UConn HuskiesBut financially of the seven upsets by FCS teams over FBS schools in week one of college football, UConn paid the second least in giving $275,000 to Towson for the game in a contract that was signed five years ago.

The other FBS teams to lose were the No. 25 Oregon State Beavers (49-45 to Eastern Washington), Kansas State Wildcats (24-21 to North Dakota State), South Florida (53-21 to McNeese State), San Diego State (40-19 to Eastern Illinois), Iowa State Cyclones (28-20 to Northern Iowa) and South Alabama (22-21 to Southern Utah).

Eastern Washington was paid the most as they got $450,000 to beat Oregon State. Southern Utah received the least amount of money as they got $225,000 to beat South Alabama.

McNeese State made out like bandits ($400,000) in ruining Willie Taggart's debut at USF. The two-time defending FCS Champions North Dakota State got $350,000 to beat Kansas State. Northern Iowa also made $350,000 to beat Iowa State while Eastern Illinois received $325,000 to beat San Diego State.

The payouts for FCS schools is huge to them because it usually pays for most or all of their coach's salary for the season.

FBS schools usually schedule an FCS team for an easy win and a way to get the season going for their squads. But with all the upsets in the past few years, FBS schools might throw caution to the wind when it comes to locking up FCS schools down the road.

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