Breaking Bread With T.J. – 11/12

Breaking Bread With T.J.

UConn Huskies interim head coach T.J. Weist held his weekly press conference on Tuesday and he talked about a variety of different subjects.

He opened up his presser by finishing off the talk with the Louisville game. They had wanted to start fast and did. It was unfortunate with the fumble and then the punt being blocked. The elements are there, they are just not putting them all together.

Weist said this was a great matchup of the league's best offenses in the league against one of the better defenses. He needs his offense to keep theirs off the field. They can do that by executing better and more often.

Weist named Casey Cochran as the starter for this week. He said Casey gives them the best chance to win at this point. He makes good decisions. Tim Boyle will be 2nd string with competition from Chandler Whitmer throughout the week.

He said Cochran's made smart decisions and that Boyle needs more time to develop. They aren't giving up on Boyle.

He said Cochran is a smart QB and is one of the hardest working players, always watching film. They initially went with Boyle because of a better skill set.

Weist stated that Cochran is very football smart and has good savvy as a quarterback. He makes smart, fast decisons. He figures defenses will bring pressure against Cochran since he is a redshirt freshman.

He said Whitmer is still in the mix at QB. It's about who gives them the best chance to win now.

At times, Boyle throws a better ball according to Weist. Cochran wasn't as sharp early on which led them to starting Boyle instead. Since then, Cochran has made good decisions.

Sunday's first team reps were split between Cochran and Boyle. They wanted to correct mistakes from last game.

Weist said he's not making decisions for next year but for the next game. But that doesn't apply to players they are planning on redshirting. They'll only use if absolutely necessary.

He said SMU is very impressive. They throw the ball all across the field and have a good offensive tempo. They spread it around both horizontally and vertically.

They are a well coached team and their very efficient in their play calling.

Weist said he has to talk with the QB's every day, especially with the younger QB's of what they expect.

He said Boyle was very disappointed in his performance. His accuracy nor decision making were very good. He said Boyle is very competitive and mature and said that Boyle told him he'll continue to work hard and not to give up on him.

He talked about how Max DeLorenzo and Lyle McCombs complement each other very well. He said the offense needs to be better in the passing game to open up the run game.

He said they went with Casey partly because of his performances late in games. But mostly because they've seen him in other situations at practice.

He talked about safety Andrew Adams who plays with maturity and has a good football awareness. He said players look up to Adams, who leads by example and doesn't talk as much.

With Cochran at the helm, there won't be a simplifying of the game plan. They just need to be better on offense.

Weist thinks this is best group to win right now. He plans to play more receivers, the younger ones like Dhameer Bradley, John Green, Noel Thomas.

He said Deshon Foxx is healthy after suffering a stinger during the game on Friday night.

He said they had five turnovers on Friday and still had a chance to win. Bad things are going to happen when you lose. It's his job to get them out of the mindset. Three plays for Louisville were the difference.

He talked about how SMU has three of the best linebackers in the league. They are solid in different areas. They defend the spread very well since they go against it every day in practice. They do a good job with pressuring other team because of their linebackers.

With SMU's high powered offense, there's no more pressure on his offense. He's planning on his defense shutting down the SMU offense. He said the execute their plays very well and try to force you into different defenses. The SMU offense tries to dictate what defense you are in.

They are different from Louisville in that they (SMU) are 100% spread offensive team. They are unique.

He said UConn has a very talented group of QB's. They all show a lot of promise in different areas. One of them needs to lead team to a win.

He said Geremy Davis has done what he thought he would. He's been a dominant player and is very competitive and could be a little more selfish if he wanted to be. He's done a great job being unselfish. Shakim Phillips and him have worked hard all season long.

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