Louisville Women’s Coach Jeff Walz To Retire After NCAA Final To Be a Waiter For Geno Auriemma

Last night after the UConn Huskies women's basketball team beat the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, UConn head coach Geno Auriemma made the following quote about Louisville Cardinals head coach Jeff Walz's shirt.

Jeff Walz tablecloth shirtHe wears an Italian tablecloth for a shirt. I was going to hire him for my restaurant.

So on Monday at his pre-finals press conference, Walz (jokingly) offered up his resignation to work for Auriemma at his restaurant.

This will most likely be the last game that I coach here.  It's been a great six years.  As a women's basketball coach, you go through times where you're always wondering what are you gonna do when you're finished.  And I've been to three national championship games.  And now that I've got the opportunity to be a waiter in his restaurant (laughter), I don't know what the hell else somebody wants in life.  So my goal is to become the head waiter.  Not just one that sits in the back.  I want to be the best damn one he's got.  So I'm going to talk to him after the game tomorrow night and see when I can start, see if we can talk a contract through, and hopefully we can get things taken care of.  Because it would be an honor to work in his restaurant.

I love the guy.  He's a great guy.

You absolutely have to love the banter between these two guys. We'll have to wait until the Huskies hold their press conference to see what Geno's response will be.

One thing's for certain, it will definitely be an entertaining response.

Update: As I said just above, you knew Auriemma's response would be entertaining. Here's what he had to say about Walz's comments:

I heard about that, that he had said that.  I ran into Shoni Schimmel's parents on the way over here, and they said they're all for it and the Schimmel twins are transferring to Connecticut (laughter).  Even though they're not twins.  So that's the plus side of him resigning or retiring.

He doesn't dress well enough to work in the front room of my restaurant (laughter), so he'll be bussing dishes and taking out the trash in the back until he fixes his attitude.

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