Boyle To Start Against USF?

Now former UConn Huskies football coach Paul Pasqualoni spoke with the local media on Monday night and he may have let the cat out of the bag as far as who the quarterback will be going forward.

UConn freshman QB Tim Boyle during throws a pass during fall practice.In recent weeks, many a question has been asked about true freshman Tim Boyle taking over the QB1 duties for Chandler Whitmer. Pasqualoni himself alluded to the fact after the loss to Towson to start the season, they needed a quarterback who could see over the line.

Boyle, who's listed at 6'4" fits that bill. And after the Towson loss, he was elevated to an "OR" situation with Casey Cochran as the backup to Whitmer.

Had Pasqualoni not been fired on Monday, Boyle would be his guy going forward.

"We had made that decision last week," said Pasqualoni. "That would be the direction to go in (with Boyle as quarterback). I think that'll be the way T.J. goes."

"We're open to play him," said T.J.Weist, new interim head coach, when asked about Boyle. "We're going to sit down with our staff and we're going to talk about all our personnel decisions. We're open to playing any freshman."

After the Buffalo loss, Pasqualoni had this to say about playing Boyle.

"If you make the decision to go with a young freshman player then you really have to have a plan for using the guy and getting him in the game. Trying to get him as ready as he can be so he can have success and that he can play and not just waste a redshirt year. There's a lot to consider and a lot of discussion before you put any player in, especially at quarterback."

You really have nothing to lose here.

Whitmer's made more turnovers than Arby's sells. Cochran didn't appear to be too much better but his sample size is much smaller.

Boyle has a strong arm, good football intelligence and good footwork. You've got two weeks of practice to get him ready for the game. Hopefully that's enough time.

And he'll get a chance to lead his home state university back from the bottom on Homecoming where they'll be many alumni in attendance.

UPDATE 10/1: According to Desmond Conner of the Hartford Courant, Boyle WILL be the starting quarterback.

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photo credit: john woike – hartford courant