Week 2 NFL Highlights

Week 2 of the NFL is officially in the books. After a less than stellar opening weekend, the NFL fared much better in its second week. The games were more competitive and exciting with a few close finishes. Anyone who thought that the NFL had peaked and couldn’t put a good product on the field […]


The urban dictionary defines gronking as “Violently spiking an object (most common is a football) to the ground in celebration.” Now, gronking can be seen in a different light, a sexual one. […]

Video: Tom Brady Makes The Mullet Look Cool

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady is bringing back the mullet. Okay that’s a lie, we all know his wife Gisele Bündchen wouldn’t let that happen.

Actually, Brady sports a mullet in a commercial for DailyMVP where he plays a trash talking telemarketer.