Should we hate the Devil Rays more than the Yankees?

Any writer worth their [insert metaphor here: salt, poop, ascot, whatever] writes their introduction after they’re finished with the body of their piece. This column ended up being long. The topic is whether we should hate the Devil Rays more than the Yankees, and that’s enough of a description to let you feel the tenor […]

Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Clay Buchholz leaves the mound after giving up three runs to the Milwaukee Brewers during the third inning of a baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston, Saturday, April 5, 2014.

A Rotating Experiment

The Lester-less 2015 Red Sox Starting Rotation is comprised of the following: Question mark, Question mark, ¿Qué carajo?, ???, and Buchholz. […]

The most honest Red Sox post you will ever read

There are 74 games left in the baseball season and the Red Sox look pretty [expletive deleted]. If you only pay attention to the number of games back the Red Sox are in the division and wild card races, which is what the optimists among us focus on, then the situation doesn’t look so [expletive […]

Brock Holt, baBIP, and Reality

Brock Holt is not as good as you think he is – at the plate, at least. Holt has done a tremendous job in the field, making plays at first base and in left field that make our eyes jump out of their sockets. The fact that Holt has never played those two positions before and […]

Joe Maddon’s Whiner Line

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are the most pathetic group of sniveling crybabies in all of professional sports. Since the ill-fated idea of placing a Major League Baseball team in the Tampa Bay area was conceived, the Devil Rays have never stopped whining. “We don’t like our stadium!” Suck it up, and try selling some […]

It’s better than you think

Boston fans were spoiled in 2013 because we hardly remember times when the Red Sox looked bad, so we’ve been taken aback at how they’ve played this April. But let’s take a look at the Yankees to get an objective sense of where the Red Sox stand. New York sits atop what, right now, is […]

The Dead Ball Dead Sox

To say that the Red Sox lineup has appeared morbid is an understatement. What’s most bothersome is how the lineup has not been able to execute against lackluster pitching, and last night was just another example of that. The Red Sox faced the once great CC Sabathia, but his fastball barely tops out over 88 […]

The Game Hidden Between Buchholz’s Pitches

When two teams play baseball, two games are being played simultaneously: the pitching, hitting, and fielding game that fans see, and the hidden (don’t call it “cheating”) game where players try to get gain a competitive edge on the opposition.

Beer in the Shower

It’s a beer in the shower kind of morning. Seriously, what is it with this baseball season? I know that you know exactly what I’m talking about. The tension is so thick that you could poke it with one of A-Rod’s used steroids needles. And its only mid-April. There’s five and a half months of […]

Now, we worry

Last week, I published a post titled “What, we worry?” and urged Red Sox fans not to worry about the team’s subpar performance right now because, generally, the season is young and anything could happen. With that said, it’s difficult not to think that the forthcoming news about Dustin Pedroia‘s wrist injury has the weight […]

Tarred and Feathered

There’s much ado regarding the brown substance Michael Pineda had on his pitching hand during the Red Sox v. Yankees game last night. Pineda claims it was dirt because his palms sweat more than a [insert your own joke about teenage shenanigans here]. Pineda maintains this claim despite his sweaty palms problem miraculous clearing up […]

Dustin Pedroia #15 of the Boston Red Sox reacts after grounding out with men on base against the Texas Rangers in the 7th inning at Fenway Park on April 8, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts.

What, we worry?

Reading too much into how a baseball team performs at the beginning of the season is a small sin.

Who’s on third?

The Red Sox made an interesting move when they signed journeyman infielder Ryan Roberts to play third base until Will Middlebrooks returns.

Clay Buchholz #11 of the Boston Red Sox walks off of the field after giving up three runs in the third inning against the Milwaukee Brewers in the first inning during the game at Fenway Park on April 5, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts.

A few Red Sox trouble spots to start the season

It’s easy to be negative in Boston, the town where we still reflexively react to the frustration of waiting 86 years to win a World Series despite winning in the past decade. So let me preface this post by saying that the Apocalypse is not nigh: it’s only the first week of the baseball season, […]