Time For Me To Fly

About 30 years ago REO Speedwagon had a song called “Time for Me to Fly” and it appears that my time to fly has come. As I explained to Ian with my work schedule expected to get busier as the football season progresses I just do not see myself having enough time to commit to […]

2015 Red Sox/WEEI Radio Network

The Shaw’s Star Market WEEI Red Sox Radio Network looks much the same as it has for the last few seasons as Dave O’Brien and Joe Castiglione return […]

Red Sox Baseball on NESN in 2015

The Boston Red Sox return to NESN as their lone local television outlet for the tenth consecutive season and as a broadcaster of televised Red Sox baseball in New England for the 31st year in a row in 2015. […]

Bring Back the Whale

For myself as a fan of the Hartford Whalers there was no worse experience as a sports fan than having your team ripped from you and relocated by a carpet bagger and a commissioner who reminds me of Count Chocula. I though I had experienced sports lows but I was wrong. […]