Ian is the founder and webmaster of SOX & Dawgs. He originally started the blog “Random Thoughts” where he gave his thoughts about the UConn Huskies and Boston Red Sox among other things. As the blog grew, he changed the name to “SOX & Dawgs” as the main focus turned to his love of the Red Sox and UConn. The blog added the Patriots and Celtics when Steve came aboard last year, two teams Ian follows as well.

His love of UConn sports started back when he was a wee lad as his parental figures would take him to UConn sporting events. He remembers going to see UConn basketball play in the old field house and even remembers the day when the women’s basketball program would give away tickets to get people to show up. Now you can’t get a ticket.

In college, he played soccer for one year before a knee injury derailed that dream. He did continue to help out the soccer team at college while attempting to get his degree (he succeeded in 4 years much to the surprise of many). He also worked for the basketball team as the water boy (as his friends would call it).

After college, he worked in minor league baseball starting out in Albany, Georgia in 1994 for the Polecats, a single-A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles at the time. He came back home in 1995 and worked for the New Haven Ravens until the start of the 2001 season when he left for greener pastures. He’s still searching for those greener pastures. He went back to work for the Ravens in the 2003 season while working for Makita Power Tools basically killing himself in the process of working two full-time jobs.

He still remembers what he was doing on that fateful day in 1978 (he was 7) when Bucky “Effin” Dent hit the home run. He was almost disowned by his mother when he gave Dent a ride to the airport in his car when he was working for the New Haven Ravens. His dream job is to work for the Red Sox but knows that will probably never happen. Ian’s just happy the Red Sox have won the World Series twice in his lifetime.

Feel free to contact Ian through the contact form located here or by emailing him at admin[@]soxandawgs[dot]com

Steve is a divorced, single dad of two kids (how you doin’?) in his mid 40’s living life as a New England sports fan in sunny Florida.

He has had a variety of experiences in his life from being an All-Star catcher to selling cars and had nearly 25 years on the radio spinning tunes, reading news, weather and sports, offering his opinions and doing some play-by-play.

Steve loves his kids, writing and photography, his XM satellite radio, rides to no where in particular, the Red Sox, the Patriots, both UConn basketball teams and Notre Dame football. He recently developed a fondness for the Chicago Blackhawks and he even enjoys the Celtics again. He also despises the phrase “Red Sox Nation”, the pink hatted bandwagon jumpers, has a mighty disdain for all things Chris Berman and his secret desire is to be able to tell Peter Karmanos to his face what he really thinks of him.

Steve, who in high school wrote the sports section for his school paper, finds writing to be a great escape from everyday life. He has a sarcastic, smarmy sense of humor along the lines of David Letterman and Jon Stewart and loves blogging because he can write the word “fuck” and no one edits it out. He writes to inform, sometimes with humor and bad words, but he never intends to offend.

In a perfect world he’d be the team photographer for the Sox and the Patriots and he’d be so cool that he’d be best friends with Tom Brady and Jonathan Papelbon.

Feel free to email Steve at steve[at]soxanddawgs[dot]com, I’m pretty sure he likes getting email. You can also contact him through his facebook page at facebook.com/djstevem

Amanda Bruno is a freelance sportswriter for The Springfield Republican and also writes weekly features for the Plus Papers on Wednesdays. She also writes over at Batter-up with Bruno where she shares her thoughts about the Boston Red Sox and the Boston sports media. You can follow her on Twitter @batterupbruno and can reach Amanda through email at brunosportshawk[at]gmail.com.

Michele is an avid Red Sox fan. Even though she is stranded in Western New York, her heart belongs to Boston. Follow her on Twitter @spellingqueen81